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We offer eco-friendly cleaning products that provide a safer alternative than most traditional brands that you are
accustomed to. Quite Happy takes a transparent approach to cleaning by providing a product that is free of chemicals and harmful ingredients. We use a blended set of essential oils that contributes to the cleaning power of our product.
It also smells great!


Open your eyes and your nose! Our sweet smelling products are not only eco-friendly but also therapeutic! All products are made up of simple ingredients and include a combination of essential oils that simply
soothes the soul.


For The Love of Cleaning

The time is now! Try out any one of our amazing eco-friendly cleaning products and be prepared to tell a friend on how amazing Quite Happy is! 


Featured collections

Quite Happy Multipurpose SprayQuite Happy Multipurpose Spray
On sale

Quite Happy Multipurpose Spray

$4.75 $5.50
Quite Happy’s “Happy Pack”
On sale

Quite Happy’s “Happy Pack”

$19.50 $23.50
Quite Happy Sanitizing SprayQuite Happy Sanitizing Spray
On sale

Quite Happy Sanitizing Spray

$4.75 $5.50