About Us


Mission Statement:

At Quite Happy Products, we are committed to providing the safest cleaning solutions for our customers. Our products are different because they are all-natural, organic, and eco-friendly. We understand the needs of the immunocompromised and those with allergies – that's why we offer products that are gentle and safe around people, pets, and children.
We believe that cleaning should not come at a cost to your health and that is why we have created a range of products that do not contain any harmful chemicals. Our philosophy is that 'cleaning should not kill you, and neither should the products you use'.
Our logo represents our commitment to a cleaner, safer future. Whether you're looking to get rid of tough stains or simply maintain a clean and hygienic home, we have the products for you. Experience the difference that our products can make in your life – and the world around you.
Thanks for choosing Quite Happy Products – because only the best should touch the things you love.